hg init

Mon Nov 27, 2017
~200 Words

Bitrot, it stalks all software. In this case, it stalked my previous blog platform. It was custom built using Go and PostgreSQL. Built during the earlier introduction of the package database/sql, the platform uses a custom wrapper around libpq. The SPA pages for editing blog posts was written using React. Actually, the Go compatibility guarantee held. PostgreSQL is stable. React has been less stable (as is normal for the JavaScript ecosystem), but since I wasn’t pushing any updates, that wasn’t a problem. However, I deployed using Heroku, who kindly noted that the app hadn’t run in quite a while, and closed the application.

Time for a reboot.

As you may have guessed, I’m probably as interested in programming the blogging platform as in actually blogging. So, for the reboot, there is a new stack, but I need to keep my data local so that it isn’t lost in the future. The new stack is much simpler – Hugo. Additionally, I’ve switched to a simpler CSS framework, Pure CSS. Not that I haven’t added a few tweaks on top.

hg init